This book is intended to be a quick reference for people on the go. It is not a complete “how to” guide, but an introduction and refresher of Lean thinking and tools. This pocket guide is intended to provide a simple, straightforward reference on how to allow Lean to help contractors deliver more value with less waste to their customers.LCPG Cover


Part 1 – Why Do Lean?

Part 2 – What Is Lean?

Value     4
What is Waste?    8
Manage to Priorities    17
What Lean is NOT!    18
Pathway to Lean     22
Lean Principles    34

Part 3 – Lean Tools

A3 Thinking    37
5S’s    40
Last Planner System®    56
Kaizen Events    60
Kanban    62
Muda Walk    64
Poka Yoke    65
Quick & Easy Kaizen    66
Reduced Setup Time    69
Root Cause Analysis    71
Rules of Release    75
Spaghetti Chart    77
Value Stream Mapping    78
Visual Control    80

Part 4 – How to Start Doing Lean

What Does a Lean Champion Do?    85
Management Actions    86