Lean Construction Pocket Guide

Construction needs to improve.

We have new technology. Cell phones, and especially smart phones, make it easier to communicate.

Computers allow us to draw building plans easier and in greater detail. Building Information Modeling (BIM) helps model alternatives and identify clashes before we build and sequence work. But given all this technology, we are still building things the way we have done for over 100 years!

I am talking about how we plan and do the work. We still assign workers to do work that is not ready. We still have workers doing treasure hunts. At any given moment many workers are walking around looking for tools, equipment, material, paperwork or even where to work.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters.
Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.”

~ Colin Powell

There is much waste in construction.

This means there is much opportunity.

The Lean Construction Pocket Guide is a new tool to help you introduce, integrate, and sustain Lean Construction in your organization.

The Lean Construction Pocket Guide:

  • Easily fits into your shirt pocket for quick reference any time, any place
  • Is written in plain language so workmen and tradesmen of all levels can understand and apply the tools and ideas readily
  • Is perfect for tailgate meetings, quick refreshers, onboarding new employees, introducing Lean Construction to your workforce, and maintaining the gain
  • Sends a message to your entire organization that you are tired of waste, delays, and cost overruns and are ready to embrace the modern, faster, more cost-effective way to contract
  • Is affordable so everyone can have their own copy

Download a brief sample of The Lean Construction Pocket Guide here.

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