Practical Uses

Lean is about continuously improving to seek perfection (no waste).

The Japanese say the paradox is thatperfection
“perfection can never be achieved, but must be pursued.”

The Lean goal is to eliminate every kind of waste. There is much waste in construction, which means there are many opportunities to seek perfection and take jobs away from wasteful competition. Just think of what it would mean to a company if it did eliminate all wastes? It would control the market and cherry-pick any job it wanted. It could underbid all competition to win low bid and still make money, or it could maintain higher bid prices and make even more profit.

If we always do construction the way we’ve been doing it, the waste never goes away. Lean does it differently.

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  • Perfect for fast reference in the field or in the office.
  • Ideal for training – keep everyone on the same page.
  • Great for “tailgate” meetings and discussion sessions.
  • Use to set the stage for in-depth training on Lean Construction topics.

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